Sandy, a new volunteer, came up today and worked her little heart out…..fantastic woman. We dug another bed to transplant cabbage seedlings into and filled that, then she set to with the weeding: everything looks so much better without the weeds. There’s lots more weeding to do, but we’re getting there. The seedlings are looking a bit sad at the moment, but hopefully they’ll pick up once they’ve settled their little roots in.

Gill, one of our founding members, who hasn’t seen the space since we turned the ground over, came up to see what was happening: it was lovely to see her delight in what we’ve achieved since Christmas, when she was last here.

It’s all coming along. Once we’ve finished with the cabbages, kales, etc, we’ll plant the rest of the courgettes, squashes and pumpkins. After that, it’s bulb fennel and sweetcorn. I’ve just put 2 new varieties in pots to germinate – Indian Summer, that my sister gave me – and Peaches and Cream, which came from Canada – no-one else will have them at their BBQ, that’s for sure!!



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