Today we did battle with the elements, which was stranglely theraputic. The wind blew the cobwebs off, but the Cornish rain failed to dampen our spirits. Today we cleared a few stones, and removed a few weeds. There was some thinning of cabbage seedlings into new beds, so we hope they prosper in their new homes. Placing the little seedling into the ground is rewarding as you can see how they have come on. There has also been some repotting of tomatoes as there are also coming on strongly. We have planted some sweetcorn seeds today too. We will follow their progress on here when they pop up through the compost.

If anyone is thinking of becoming a volunteer, then please contact us. Many hands are needed to do battle with the weeds and stones, and to see how rewarding waching the progress of the fruit vegetables and trees really is.


Weeds and Stones…. — 1 Comment

  1. I agree with how therapeutic it is planting things on, especially getting indoors afterwards and breaking into the chocolate rolls. I can’t believe how many stones we’ve picked out of the site, but the soil underneath is really good.
    Ready for eating at the moment are ravishing radishes, best broad beans, perfect peas, unctious onions and luscious lettuces. Coming through, to keep us going as the winds pick up, are early potatoes, carrots, cabbages and beetroot. You too can go home with a bag after a good dig!!!
    Many, many more cabbages to transplant over the coming week or so – of course we need to dig the beds for them to go into first. And also, for those who want a gentler occupation – much weeding is needed.
    So – our current volunteer interview goes something like “Can you dig? Great, you’re in”
    We need someone to bring polytunnel hoops down from Dorchester; probably best done on a 1ton open-bed truck; any takers???

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