WE worked solidly for 3 days last week – we being me, Rachel, Chris, Gillian, Ivan, Christine, Drew, Martin, Sandy, Sara and Becky – so things are looking great. Peas are supported, we have several new beds of brassicas recovering from the trauma of transplantation, beans are zipping up their poles and weeding is well under way.

I’ve had to do a lot of watering this week to help the poor plants get through: as a result of that, the dwarf beans that were sown direct are poking their heads up and everything’s looking a bit perkier.  I’ve put in late peas and some more beans and have cropped onions planted last winter.

This week, we’re going all out to weed everything, to give it all the best chance possible, then put down weed suppressant fabric. We’ll start putting the greenhouse for the 1m tomato plants trying to break out of my porch and prepare the last of the beds for the last of the late crops – blimey, we’re nearly there!!!

Workdays this week are Tues after 1.30p.m., Weds from 11 a.m. and Thurs afternnon from 2 p.m.


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