SPRING IS IN THE VEG BOX  yesterday, one of our lucky box scheme customers had our first picking of fresh, young chard and last week everybody got some gorgeous spring greens. This marks the start of our very early crops and is an exciting time for us here. Soon we will be gently cropping our first salad leaves and beetroot and carrots are starting to bulk up. In fact they will need thinning soon: I so hate that part of the growing cycle: it feels like plant murder, but we haven’t quite got the hang of the instructions yet.

We had 2 new veg box customers (many thanks) last month, both of whom said they’d been thinking about it for a while. If that applies to you too, then pick up the phone or e-mail, to get your share of the limited spring bounty and be first in line for when our main crops are ready. 01579 363684 or thegrowingproject@orangehome.co.uk.

OTHER WORK THIS MONTH includes digging up and replanting the outdoor strawberries, thinning lettuce plants, sowing brassicas under cover, planting out chard seedlings and preparing trenches for early potatoes. Our next big job is to fence off the growing area from my garden, so that it can be a dog-free space. We may regret that if it then becomes a rabbit playground, but we need to try, since the dogs raid our peas, beans, potatoes and tomatoes if they can.

RHUBARB FARM the Board of Directors is heading to Nottinghamshire soon for a study visit a community garden similar to ours, which is further along the road to expansion. They now have 10 acres under cultivation and are slowly developing their community business, which now employs a number of staff and has a great range of volunteers.

LAND SEARCH like Rhubarb Farm, we want to expand and so we are looking for 5-10 acres of good growing land near the village, or on a bus route, for sale or to rent on a long lease. We need somewhere fairly level, south-facing, with easy road access, water, power and preferably an outbuilding or three. If you know of anywhere that may be right for us, do let us know, we’d love to hear from you.

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