What a month, the weather has very much been against us!

We started the month with an all new low temperature of -8 in our smaller polytunnel, luckily our crops have well protected under fleece and our Chard and Lettuces have been harvested several times over the last few weeks with more pickings to come. We have had several worrying moments with frost bitten plants but everything has recovered although is still tucked up under fleece in case of more cold weather.

We have been itching to get our seeds in and have so far got in several trays of Peas, Lettuce, Physalis, Tiger nuts, Sweet potatoes and Carrots, unfortunately our Tomatoes and Peppers are waiting on warmer weather before we can put our seed in.

Our team have worked hard in the last few weeks to move fruit bushes into more appropriate positions and also to clear our site of nettles and brambles, we now have plans afoot to build a new raised bed for climbing beans which will also have walls to provide shelter for volunteers in case of rain showers.

We would like to be starting several new projects around our site and would be delighted if anyone had any spare pallets, wood, tools and plastic barrels/water containers they are able to donate to us. Thank you to those that have contributed to our community compost scheme, our new bin for kitchen waste is situated just inside our gate with a separate small bin for eggshells next to it. Grass clippings and chicken/ small pet cleanings out can be put directly into our new compost bins at the back of our site, if there is any difficulty with this please bring it along to our volunteer day on a Wednesday and we will be delighted to barrow it up the garden.

Thank you to our regular vegetable box customers for your support, if you are not yet buying our organic vegetables there are 2 ways you can buy from us – you can order a box and have it delivered to your door weekly or fortnightly. We offer a regular or large box and also a fruit box.

You can also shop at our purple roadside stall where you will find a variety of veg grown on our land and also from Riverford at very competitive prices.

Please don’t forget we are always delighted to welcome new volunteers on Wednesdays between 10am and 2pm and provide a lunch of organic vegetable soup and tasty bread.

Please note our contact details have changed:

Email growingprojectpensilva@gmail.com

Phone Secretary/Admin (Becky) 07854 353865

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