It’s that time of year. The time when that wonderful, life-giving medium from which the fruits of our efforts emerge turns into the brown soup that gets stuck to our boots, that we slip and slide around in and generally seem to end up wearing more of than we may have moved or planted. Ah, the joys of mud.

Here at The Growing Project we’ve been getting up close and personal with a variety of the stuff. A recent Saturday saw us wallowing in it while we shovelled compost at various forms of development and barrowed it to new homes – in the case of the wellrotted stuff, new raised beds below our second polytunnel, while the newer stuff,  still recognizable as kitchen and garden waste, went into newly constructed bins at the far top of our field. If you are a contributor to our community compost scheme, you will notice a new arrangement when you come to drop off your trimmings – we are now collecting in a regular bin which we are emptying into our new compost bins. Speaking of which, a little reminder – we love your garden and kitchen waste, but not your weeds and plastic! We are very grateful to you for separating out your weeds and putting these in your regular garden waste and taking away any bags your contributions might be travelling in!

Our team has also been busy sorting through seeds and putting together a planting plan for the coming season – this is the fun part! This year we plan to grow sweet potatoes, tiger nuts and physalis as experimental crops alongside our usual crops.

If you’re not yet a customer, there are two ways you can buy from us – you can order up a box and have it delivered to your door every week. We offer a regular and a large box and also a fruit box. Email us to find out more! ( You can also shop at our road side stall, where you will find a variety of veg from our own land and from Riverford at very competitive prices. If you would like to buy our own kale, chard or lettuces, let us know in advance – we will pick it fresh for you!

And don’t forget – we have our regular volunteer day every

Wednesday 10am-2pm when we welcome you to come and visit and have a tour of the site. We are also always delighted to welcome new volunteers!

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