April has been our month for spring cleaning now it is possible to go up the garden without weather gear and waders or snow boots! We have been clearing our site of brambles and nettles, surplus pots have been donated to Liskeard in bloom and Morley Tamblyn lodge in Liskeard and a number of items that have been kept ‘just in case’ have found their way to our local refuse site.

Our main growing season is now in full swing and the majority of seeds for our summer crops have now been planted. We have drawn out a plan of where everything will be planted and bare patches of ground have been eyed up to see if a small raised bed or even 2 could be slotted in.

We regularly welcome a dozen volunteers on Wednesdays between 10am and 2.30pm and we are pleased to welcome a new volunteer Chris and equally pleased to welcome Colin and Kirsty back to us. We have just introduced a second volunteer day on Thursdays between 12 and 3 to get extra jobs done and would like to start a monthly volunteer day on a Saturday, we would like to hear from anyone interested in joining us on one of our volunteer days.

We are still in need of pallets and any other surplus wood for our next projects and also any unloved water butts or compost bins.

Thank you to our regular vegetable box customers and those that buy from our roadside stalls for your support, if you are not yet buying our organic vegetables there are 2 ways you can buy from us – you can order a box and have it delivered to your door weekly or fortnightly. We offer a regular or large box and also a fruit box.

You can also shop at our purple roadside stalls where you will find a variety of veg grown on our land and also from Riverford at very competitive prices.

Please note our contact details have changed:

Email growingprojectpensilva@gmail.com

Phone: 07398 828783 (veg boxes)

Phone: 07854 353865 (Admin)


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