It is starting to look autumnal around our site, a lot of crops are finishing after several generous harvests and hopefully we are approaching a slightly quieter time when we can do essential repairs and make plans for next year. Our experimental crops are just starting to be harvested, the sweet potatoes are varying in size but there are plenty of them, although they seem to be a favourite of the slugs and woodlice so are likely to be planted in a different spot next year. Our other experiment is “Tiger nuts” also known as Chufa, these are nut-sized tubers which are a superfood and very good for you. The complaint when they were harvested is they don’t like to come out, but I have had the first taste and they are well worth the effort, with a taste like a cross between almonds and coconut. If anyone would like any, please get in touch to place your order as I suspect there will not be enough for vegetable boxes and will be special order only.

Our volunteers are just at the point of staking and tying up our winter broad beans which should be ready to harvest late December weather permitting, we also have onions, shallots, garlic and potatoes being planted in our polytunnels and outside and the plan for the next few weeks is to plant as much as possible in our polytunnels and get it to germinate before the temperatures drop and winter sets in.

Those that have driven past our site recently will have seen the “For Sale” sign outside Kenwyn, however Ruth Wilson has generously left the land that The Growing Project is on to the project. Over the past 9 months, we have become self-sufficient from the main house and have all our facilities in our caravan, however we now will need our own utilities and are currently applying for funds to have our own water and electric put in. I hope by the time you are reading this we will have the majority of funds raised and will be either digging or filling in trenches.

Our Vegetable Box scheme has expanded recently and we are now packing between 21 and 27 Vegetable and fruit boxes each Wednesday .

We have had to repair our roadside stalls after wind damage but they are repaired and fully stocked again now. As well a variety of organic vegetables grown on our land we have a selection of locally grown organic vegetables including pumpkins, apples and squashes.

Our volunteer work days will continue on Wednesdays 10am- 2pm-ish and Thursday 12pm-3pm, we normally do not have a Thursday volunteer day throughout the winter but with the amount of crops currently we will need to be there.

Our contact details are: Email

Phones: Veg Boxes 07398 828783; Growing Project Admin 07854 353865.

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