Please contact us if you would like to order a veg box to be delivered to your home on  Wednesday or Thursday.

Typically the veg box is a selection of seasonal vegetables from our garden supplemented by produce from selected local organic growers.  Choose from:

Small box – £7.50 – 6-8 items, for 1-2 people

Medium box – £10 – 8-10 items, for 3-4 people

Large box – £12.50 – 9+ items for 4-6 people

Large family box – £20 – 15+ items for 6+ people and will include some fruit.

We also offer a fruit bag – £5 gets you a selection of apples, bananas, citrus fruits and seasonal favourites in quantities suitable for 2-4 people. The fruit bag really comes into its own in the summer, when we have our own strawberries, blackcurrants, raspberries and gooseberries and all sorts of other seasonal favourites.

To create your own custom veg box, click on the pdf document below, make your selection and then put your order into the Contact Us form.

Summer fruit and veg

You can contact us:

via the Contact Us page on this site

By e-mail at

or by phoning us on 07398 828783.